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Progress In Action - MISSION STATEMENT


     “There is a lot to accomplish, but that is why the bigger we are as a group and the more we support each other, the better we are at helping to fix this great (but very sick) nation of ours. Whether you voted for Clinton, Sanders, Johnson, or Stein we all share the exact same feeling: Donald Trump is the next President, but that does not mean we allow him to shape this country and the world in his image. He is a leader of hate. He is a con artist. He is a denier of science. He is a misogynist of the highest order. If you are a part of this group then we hope that means you are a person who values peace, anti-corruption, helping the poor & weak, a clean planet, equal rights, and who has a strong unshakable resolve.

During WWII The French Resistance fought against tyranny, fought to regain their freedoms, and fought against the potential extinction of a democratic & peaceful existence. Progress In Action–this group– was formed for almost the exact same reasons. The difference is we are not fighting against a foreign occupier. We are fighting against other Americans who seek to turn back the clock on all the progress the civil rights movements of the last few decades have made. Our weapons are not guns, fire & bombs, and our path to change is not Anarchy. Our weapons are our Voice, our Vote and our Numbers. Our path to change is Organization. By any and all civil means necessary we will exercise our Constitutional rights by utilizing protests, petitioning, rallying, and perhaps most important of all, voting to obstruct Donald Trump and his supporters when they attempt to rewrite or enact laws that seek to harm our freedoms; this includes but is not limited to his nominees for United States Supreme Court Justice. In two years (2018) we will get to vote for members of Congress, and that will be the time when we can do the most damage to their efforts and succeed in securing and steering our country towards a better future. Some of you may see fit to use Civil disobedience as a tool depending on the circumstance, and while we can not officially support such action we do ask that if you choose to do so, that civility is the ONLY way.”

Progress In Action has tremendous faith we can do this. It will not be easy. We will struggle. We will fail at times. Though, so long as we remain committed and not get complacent we can ultimately succeed. Let’s plant this tiny seed and work to grow into something big, strong, and wonderful.

–Progress In Action